TECNO works with a group of qualified suppliers, specialized, in mechanical machinery and carpentry assembly. Assembly, tests and commissioning are executed by TECNO personnel.

We are qualified ISO 9001 by ANCCP

Every Machine is fully followed from the contract to the expedition and it is delivered to the customer equipped with the full control system. TECNO srl provides its products with worldwide warranty and service.


Main Off-Shore Projects

TECNO develops projects and technologies for equipment installation of underwater pipelines, designs and manufactures machines for the coating of the junction area of the pipes.

It also created machines for system repair subsea pipelines at great depths and machines for underwater use.

M1 system for field joint coating
Blasting frame
Pre-heating machine
IMPP system for field joint coating

Engineering and construction of Trenching Machine for Kashagan project

TECNO has developed design, realization, factory acceptance test, in water tests, on board assembly assistance of three trenching machines with function of trench and backfill of several sea lines.

Link to Saipem site with .PDF file of Trenching System/a>

Tecno in yachting

Tecno for alternative energies

Collaboration to design and realization of a wave energy machine

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